by Swarvy with Pink Siifu

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released February 7, 2016

All tracks recorded and produced by Swarvy
All lyrics and vocals written and performed by Pink Siifu
Additional percussion and direction on "fkthaJiimCrow" & "Closer" by Matthew Houston

Cover art by Sofya [@Syf.L] & Tiffany de Leon

Contact for Sofya:


all rights reserved



SWARVY Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Breakfast Flowers
If yu catch one you'll prolly catch em all
Or just what yu need
I'm falling for yu
Falling free
Hard not to spoil
Growing high
Kiss the leaves
Flowers Frum the concrete soil
Ill spoil don't mean to wrap ya in foil take yu home
All this ova oil and lies
And more power
We need to get back to the roots
More flowers
Previous hours
Why devour
Detour about a mile off
Ya smiles off
Too busy looking around for something else to be happy about
Kiss the leaves
They falling for ya
Fall for yu ya fall for me
Track Name: fkthaJimCrow
It's hard to find what they don't want ya to see
The collage be whatever the mirage see
Old g say Whatever yu see don't let it mislead
Some above sea level
living in greed drowning with speed see see
The noz pump some pump suck and breathe that shit
See I don't need that shit
Pass the weed
G yu can keep that shit
Predefined minds tryna re design the point
that we stuck with
Doing a buck 6 outta this pit to hit satellites to fuck up ya wifi
Satellites Signals to many niggas still alive killing niggas
I done seen homeless queens deprived doing dog in the elevator just elevated feins rising with times

Never mind
Yu swear its gone be alright
Well alright well alright
Guess i
gotta keep waiting
Waiting for better times
But food don't come to the one sleeping
What ya gone do about it
Colliding with em also
So much they can throw up Frum they torso

But food dont come to the one sleeping what yu gone do about it
My dreams bleed hitting ya soul
Some step on some let it go
Listening to the waves like god We on it
All apart of the art x performance
Are yu entertained
In my best russel Crowe
Fighting Marshall Law just let them fuckers know
fuck the Jim Crow
Rushing to get this shit off
Like a pack out the door
Never mind
Yu swear its gone be alright
Well alright
Track Name: Break
Break the leash break the cheese for the family same ol thing divferent scene break to beat break to be free
See why
O I'm marinating in the kitchen maintaining shit I'm fine
How yu
I been on the rebound Taking these shots tryna not get lost in exhaustion is causing a loss in my soul
She say let go
I'm trying I'm lying I'm dying and it's happening slow
I don't know
Cool out
Breathe for the ones that can't breathe my nigga
Yu know all the ones that was dead before the came to the seas my nigga
Shot by the pig ass cops and niggas
still tryna kill us all there scared my nigga prepare thru the winter Slow it down Take it ease my nigga
But everything moving too fast for me
Don't crash homie
Hol up hol up
Breathe my nigga
Track Name: Skatiiin
Darling got the spark in
Rearrange ya parking
If the ignition start we ride for life
Or till the night
Into the night
Into the night
My shadow fights my mind at night
Still walking with my feet on the sky
Heard the clouds ask a nigga what yu tryna be god
I can't tell Frum the high
Can't tell wat ya questions
Government got me fucked lets go pick up a weapon disagrees in my best face
Architect be like a harbored night
Look at em like atoms please they just need a reply
Like robbers in the night I'm at ya side or ya back
Ain't never stabbed a nigga in the back watch out for em
Snakes tryna be normal
Thats Fine im fine
I'm fine I'm fine
Moving with the waves of the time
Remind me of skating
Push (x2)

Ain't got a lot in my savings
Nigga been saving
Told mama I got her
She just want me in college
But the style so polished
And to be so honest
Love ya son so comet

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